Published Healthcare Ransomware Incidents

Titus Regional Medical

Serveral servers held ransom. Forced hospital to revert to paper records.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Data Breach Results in $4.8 Million HIPAA Settlements

St. Joseph Health

pays $2 million after an incident exposed the protected health information of 31,800 people.

Hollywood Pres. Medical Center

Systems were offline for nearly a week with ransom of $17k

MedStar Health

Patients were turned away due to systems actively being attacked.

Children's Medical Center of Dallas

3.2 million penalty after it was found to be in violation of “multiple standards of the HIPAA Security Rule”

Nuance Healthcare

Main infrastructure headquarters breached due to ransomware attack. Down for close to 2 weeks.

Memorial Healthcare Systems

5 million HIPAA settlement shines light on the importance of device security.

Medical Device Enterprise Security

Healthcare records are consider to be black market gold for cyber criminals. Containing sensitive information like Social Security numbers, and private personal data all in one place. With the value of this data, it is clear why medical security is a top priority The healthcare sector is 3x more likely to encounter data theft than the average business. The most valuable data to cyber criminals is also the most valuable to each one of us, at one time or another we are all healthcare patients No one wants their own personal information to be released or sold online for a profit.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Act of 2017

“A cyber device manufacturer must include a report card in any premarket notification or application for premarket approval.Report cards must contain specified information, including: (1) information pertaining to the essential elements described in the most recent version of the MDS2 (2) a cybersecurity risk assessment conducted by the manufacturer or third party, and (3) whether the device is capable of being accessed remotely…”