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Black Mesa: Reinventing Security for Medical Devices

Black Mesa Systems has reinvented security for medical devices cohesively alongside FDA regulators, DoD standards and device manufacturers. Within a simplified intuitive platform, there’s capability for full network visibility of medical devices for security practitioners

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Secure Medical Devices Using MESAx

Developed security technologies crafted for medical enterprise devices. Learn More

How It Works

On-Prem Solution

Black Mesa’s On-Prem Solution, allows full visibility to your medical devices, along with added security, compliance, and data analytics. This includes the MESAx Platform which gives users access to additional upgrades for free. (Virtual Appliance in Beta)

Robust Platform

MESAx Platform is a robust software module that gives in depth information to make sense of various data sets being monitored on a simple to use interface. Once the platform is installed, users can craft customize features.

Security + Compliance

Being a part of Black Mesa connects you to our security of operation center allowing for real-time detection of anomalous behavior. Threats are detect, alerted and documented to the proper parties.

Advanced MESAx Platform

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What We Offer

Built for Medical Devices

Crafted security developed with healthcare in mind.

Industry Leader

Become accredited as part of the strongest healthcare security groups.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliant developed security tools for all systems

Device Visibility

Medical devices are individually documented and analyzed. Help IT prevent propagation and internal attacks.

Data Analytics

BMS gives data insight to attacks, and in depth analytics to IT officers

Scale With Ease

Device networks are always growing. Scalablity is simple with MESA’s platform

Simplified Integration

Ease of integration into current environments

Machine Learning

Adaptive behavioral learning, creates a smarter medical device network locally.

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