Advanced Proactive Device Security

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Proactive Device Security


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Black Mesa: Reinventing Application Security

Black Mesa Group has diligently worked over the years to create a proactive platform for reinventing security for an array of markets. Built at the core around healthcare and fintech institutes. BMG has created industry leading standards in cybersecurity to meet DoD standards, for device manufacturers, and financial institutions. All within a simplified intuitive platform, with capability for full compliance, and tools to aid in better security practices.

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Strategic Partnerships

Strategical partnered with ACS and their patented Keyboard Transport Layer Security (KTLS). Black Mesa is able to provide proactive endpoint security for PC, and Mobile devices by encrypting keystrokes to mitigate key-logging.

Fukuda Denshi is a global medical device manufacture, partnered with the Black Mesa Group to embed our proprietary MESAx software throughout their device and networks. Fukuda’s developed SecureCare platform utilizes BMG’s proactive software, and processes to lead the market.

R Group is focused on digital transformation and business strategies throughout multiple industries. In collaboration with BMG, R Group is adaptively expanding its portfolio into the realm of cybersecurity.

Endpoint Security Using MESAx ™

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How It Works

Proactive Endpoint Security

Patented cybersecurity solutions that can stop zero-day keyloggers from capturing credentials needed to advance an attack and a multifactor out-of-band authentication solution that prevents data theft by man-in-the middle attacks.

MESAx Platform

MESAx Platform is a robust software module that gives in depth information to make sense of various data sets being monitored on a simple to use interface. Once the platform is installed, users can craft customize features.

Security + Compliance

Being a part of Black Mesa connects you to our security of operation center allowing for real-time detection of anomalous behavior. Threats are detect, alerted and documented to the proper parties.

Advanced MESAx Platform

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What We Offer


Patented KTLS, and zero day endpoint keylogging software solution .

Industry Leader

Become accredited as part of the strongest healthcare security groups.

MESAx CyberIDLock

Backed by AIG’s $1,000,000 Identity Theft Policy, this is LifeLock on steroids.

Security Assessment

Identifying the current security posture and create security audits that mitigates risk, to allow visibility of proper practices.

Compliance Review

Comprehensive compliance ranging from HIPAA to PHI compliance in all sectors.

Scale With Ease

Device networks are always growing. Scalablity is simple with MESA’s platform

Easy Deployment

Ease of integration and deployment into any environment be it on prem or cloud.

vCISO Services

Our vCISO services helps delivers and implement information security programs with expert security leadership.

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